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"Medicina arrives like a dear friend who has been too long gone from our sight. Blending acoustic guitar, vocals, flute, and percussion, this collection of globally-sourced devotional heart-songs offers both comfort and inspiration as it moves tenderly through timeless melodies that cleanse and restore the soul. Refreshingly simple in structure, these songs guide the listener through a rich and fluid soundscape to the very depths of their own being and, ultimately, to an awareness of the essential and transcendent that is shared by all regardless of culture, faith, lifestyle, or belief system. In a world that struggles to overcome the hardships of division and misunderstanding, Medicina makes a significant contribution to the efforts of peace activists everywhere as it gently honors that underlying yearning which all humans everywhere strive to satisfy; the core need to feel connected." ~jamie mulligan-smith

Special thanks to:

~Both sets of our beloved parents for supporting each of us on our individual path and continuing to hold us each with unwaivering love.
~Fabrice Van Putten for your dedication to our community and songs.
~Yumi Mun for being the bright light, inspiration and love that is you.
~Jake Perrine for your sensitive ear and heart.
~Kevin Dickey for recording and making "White Tara" possible.
~Darin Leong for help with bandcamp site design:
~Adya Shanti for sharing a truth that is beyond words.
~AND.... to each and every person who listens to these songs and supports our music. It is through your support that we can continue to do what it is we are here to do. DEEPEST gratitude.

Finally and most importantly, THANK YOU GREAT SPIRIT. Thank you for this breath; thank you for this life; thank you for all the laughter, tears, dance, music, silence and for all of this incredible love. Thank you spirit for guiding us to our family, community and beloved friends....thank you for bringing us together to share in these realms of music and healing. Thank you for all that has come and all that is. Aho!


released October 1, 2013

Jila: Vocals, musical composition.
Masaru Higasa: Musical composition and production as well as Instrumentation: guitar, flute, udu, shakers, and bells.
Fabrice Van Putten: Male vocals and guitar on White Tara.

Recording and pre-mix: Masaru Higasa
Jake Perrine: Mixed and Mastered
Kevin Dickey: Recording of White Tara.

photographer: Satya Curcio
Art: The art on this site and back-cover of the album is a part of Geo's amazing Pranasynthesis piece.
Album Design: Erika Ekrem



all rights reserved


AjA Seattle, Washington

AjA blends acoustic guitar, vocals, flute, and percussion, weaving a soundscape to invoke heart resonance and presence. They traverse various spiritual traditions, yet always the essence of each song is being guided through their own spirits.

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Track Name: Guru Brahma
Guru Brahma
Guru Vishnu
Guru Rudra
Guru Deva
Track Name: Amitabhaya
Om Namo Amitabhaya
Om Namo, Om Namo
Om Namo Amitabhaya
Track Name: Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Mani, Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum

There's a jewel in a lotus flower
unfolding deep within my soul
To be a jewel in a lotus flower
unfolding is the highest goal

Mani, Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Track Name: White Tara Mantra (feat. Fabrice Van Putten)
Om tare tuttare ture mama ayuh.
Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha
Track Name: Medicina
Que mi medicina me cura
Es la medcicina de todo
Que mi medicina me cura
Es la medicina de todo

Dios Somos Todos
Dios Somos Todos
Track Name: Agua de Lluvia
Agua de lluvia, puraficame!
Fuego del amor
Quema mi temor!
Viento de alma, trajame tu altar
Madre tierra llevame hogar.
Track Name: Ide Were Were
Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were
Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were nita ya

Ocha kiniba nita ochun
Cheke cheke cheke
Nita ya

Ide were were
Track Name: Ke Aloha
He Kehau
He Kehau
Ho'o ma'e ma'e
Ho'o ma'e ma'e
Ke Aloha
Track Name: Mayo Mayo Capureni
Mayo Mayo Ka Pureni Asusenistan
Pasus Pasus Suspa
Mayo Mayo Ka Pureni
Track Name: Purnamidam
Om Purnamadah Purnamidam
Purnat purnamudachyate.
Purnasya Purnamadaya